3 Types of Yoga You Didn’t Know Existed

Yoga has grown so common that 14.3% of U.S. adults have made the exercise part of their fitness routine. Whether it’s for your physical or mental health—or just a way to relax—it seems we’re always learning more ways yoga can positively affect our bodies.


But yoga is more than just stretches and poses. These three types of yoga can give this adaptable exercise more excitement, a better challenge and a greater emotional release.

Goat yoga
Goat yoga is simply yoga practiced with live goats nearby. Sounds easy, right? Wait until one of these limber animals jumps on your back during downward dog pose. Similar to dog/“doga” and cat yoga, where the presence of animals is supposed to help build a positive attachment, goat yoga can add a calming, bonding element, vs. typical yoga. You’re almost guaranteed to get great selfies from this one!

Tantrum yoga
Remember when you threw tantrums as a kid? (Or maybe you’re all too familiar with your own child’s fits.) Tantrum yoga brings that release back by having you yell and kick until you feel the cathartic release of stress and emotion. This might not sound like your typical, relaxing yoga session at first, but once the screaming stops, participants are usually given a period of quiet to calm themselves and reflect. 

SUP yoga
If you thought paddle boarding was already intimidating, try doing yoga while you ride! SUP yoga, usually held on lakes or in indoor pools, offers even more core training than normal yoga due to the added balance needed to stay on the board. This might be more difficult than most other types of yoga, so if you’re looking for more relaxation and less boundary pushing—stick with the goats!

For more details on what you need to know about practicing your favorite form of yoga, visit the NIH webpage on yoga.