Applying for a Grant

Results Framework

Funding long-term impact within a culture of transparency, equity, and learning.

The Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation’s purpose is to help residents improve their health and well-being every day. One of the primary ways we aim to achieve our purpose and, ultimately, our mission is to partner with organizations in our service area by providing funding of solutions aimed at long-term improvement in healthy behaviors.

To achieve our mission and purpose, we've developed a results framework to measure the impact of our investments on long-term, sustainable change.

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Resources for the Road Ahead

In developing the results framework, we aimed to clearly articulate what we seek to invest in moving forward, while incorporating the voices of our partners and the community.

As we implement the framework, our goal is to hold true to our overarching funding principle--to foster a culture of transparency, equity, and learning in the community and with our partners. Throughout the process, we will be continually listening to you and learning. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have along the way.

The recording below of our fall Results Framework Information Session provides insight into our goals and processes as we move towards implementing the results framework.

Grant Application Resources

Remember to focus on impact or achievement—specifically the who, what and when—as you complete the application. The CIC Defining Results by Investment Type Tool is available to help you create concise results statements for projects and programs.

Equally important to defining results is the ability to track and verify progress towards results. The Critical Steps and Milestones Worksheet will aid in developing your work plan.

The Results Framework Guide includes information on the intended impact for each pillar and program area of the Foundation’s Results Framework.

Important Dates

In order to help you plan for the upcoming Grant Cycle, here is an outline of all critical dates for the spring 2023 grant round:

Letter of Intent (LOI) OpensJanuary 1
LOI Due (Closes)February 1
Move Ahead Notifications / Application OpenMarch 6
Application Technical Assistance: One-on-one support from partner consultant for select grantees.March 20-April 6
Applications Due (Close)April 10
Application DecisionsJune 5
Grant Term StartJuly 1