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We welcome the opportunity to engage with community organizations interested in applying for grant funding. Our dedicated staff will work with you to provide guidance and answer your questions throughout the application process. 


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To make it easier for you, all applications and reports are processed via online submission.

How to Apply

The first step to applying is ensuring that your organization is eligible and the program you are seeking to fund aligns with our results framework. The Foundation accepts applications under three support types: systems reform, capacity building, and direct service/programmatic. Reference the Results Framework Guide to identify the type of support that will best serve your organization’s needs. Prioritized target results and project types that would be considered as the most competitive for the upcoming grant round are included for each program area.

After identifying alignment with our framework, you'll be able to start the process of applying. Applications are accepted twice a year and critical dates can be found on our grantmaking cycles webpage. All applications are processed through our online grant management system.  

  • New users will be prompted to establish a username and password. Multiple individual user profiles may be associated with a single organization. 
  • Begin your application by selecting the Opportunities tab and choosing the option that is right for your organization. 
  • Technical assistance sessions are available to help grantees develop compelling and clear applications that respond to and align with PAHWF's results framework. A draft application must be available in your akoyaGO portal 48 hours prior to your technical assistance meeting in order to give staff time to review. 

Before accessing the application, you will be asked to complete an eligibility quiz which will help ensure alignment with the Foundation's program areas. 

An abbreviated grant application is available for those requesting $10,000 or less. 

Once you’ve completed and submitted your application, a PDF copy of your application will be available for your records. Decision notices are sent approximately eight weeks after the application window closes.

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