Applying for a grant

Starting an Application

After confirming that your organization is eligible, you can start the process of becoming a grant applicant. All letters of intent, applications and reports are processed via online submission.

Become a Candidate

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To make it easier for you, all letters of intent, applications and reports are now processed via online submission.

Accessing the Online System

  • Begin by accessing our online portal.
  • New users will be prompted to establish a username and password. This information should be shareable to any user involved with your grant process. Each organization should have one username and password.
  • Returning users will always be asked to key in their username and password to enter the secure site.

Please check your email immediately following your first online session. You should receive a message from the system confirming your account set-up. Please check spam/junk folders and adjust filters, if necessary.


Letter of Intent Form

Once you’re in the system, you can select the link that offers to start a new letter of intent.

  • The system will ask you to enter your organization’s tax ID number, if you have one. Schools and municipalities can provide a primary telephone number as a tax ID number.
  • You will also provide organization information, contact information, and a brief description of the project.  

Formal letters of intent are no longer a requirement. However, after providing the required information in the online portal, you will have the opportunity to upload a formal letter to the Foundation if you so choose. We will accept and consider the addendum, but it is not necessary to complete your submission.

  • If you choose to submit a letter, please identify and describe the organization and primary contacts that will oversee this project, and explain how this project ties in with the Foundation’s mission of enhancing the health and wellness of area residents. This addendum should be presented on the organization’s letterhead and be no more than one page in length.
  • Please consider the timing associated with the process of awarding these grants and submit your letters of intent in July and January.
  • New applicants are strongly encouraged to meet with the Foundation staff prior to submitting a request.
  • Late proposals will not be considered.
  • Applicants can anticipate a response to this stage via email within 6-8 weeks.

Letters of intent are due August 1 and February 1, annually.  Our staff and Grants Committee review all proposals and send “Move Ahead” notifications via email inviting grantees to submit a full proposal or a “Declination” notice. Please note that an invitation to submit an application does not signify nor guarantee an award. It informs potential grantees that the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation is interested in the concept; however, more information is necessary for further consideration. The staff and Grants Committee may at this stage provide recommendations for focus or request additional specific information to be included in the full grant proposal.

Next Step

Submitting Your Full Application

We’ve prepared a checklist to make sure you have everything you need when applying for a grant