Pottstown FARM

The Pottstown Farm & Artisan Regional Market (FARM) is an open-air market in downtown Pottstown providing access to fresh locally grown produce and hand-made artisan goods which opened in 2016. The FARM was started to help engage the business community with the community surrounding Pottstown.

The featured farmers and artisans are self-producing and everything from the market is coming right from the ground to your table – the freshness cannot be beat and the education piece to the families throughout the community is amazing!

As some produce just cannot be grown in the local farmlands of PA, smaller, local farmers make up the majority of vendors. FARM also offers a Two Bite Club where kids can try the new fruit, veggie or other farm product of the month. It also provides a SNAP incentive for those who need assistance in order to offer as many healthy choices as possible to everyone that visits the FARM.

For more information, visit www.pottstownfarm.org.

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