Maternal and Child Health Consortium

A mother holds her baby.Maternal and Child Health Consortium serves upwards of 6,000 individuals annually in the Greater Philadelphia area. Through the years, they have helped children and their families living in Pottstown get connected to the resources they need to thrive. A long-term Foundation partner, MCHC has received 21 grants from the Foundation totaling over $540,000 since 2006. MCHC’s Healthy Start and Family Benefits programs serve low-income Pottstown area families with young children through evidence-based home-visiting education as well as enrollment assistance for health insurance and food benefits.

This example was provided by MCHC to share the individual impact of their work:

Raquel, a 19-year-old woman living in Pottstown, was caring for her two children, 5-year-old Cesar, and newborn baby Sophia, on a low income. She struggled financially and could only afford to rent a single room for her family of three in a house occupied by strangers. She only had one small bed that she shared with Cesar and a Pack and Play, where Sophia slept.

Raquel heard of MCHC through word of mouth, and it was not long before she connected with her Community Health Worker, Maru. Through MCHC’s Healthy Start Program, Maru offered Raquel socioemotional support, parenting education, and referrals to community resources. She also helped Raquel complete a SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) application to ensure that her family had access to nutritious and easily accessible food. Raquel requested a small foldable bed for her little boy to sleep in at night, and a donor at MCHC helped fulfill that request by supplying a bed for the family.

The family is doing very well now, and Maru continues to teach child development education and activities to the young mother. Raquel loves to engage and play with her babies, and MCHC will continue to empower her to be the best mom she can be, while ensuring bright beginnings for her little ones.

The Foundation most recently funded the MCHC Healthy Start and Family Benefits programs with a $30,000 grant awarded in the spring 2023 grant round. The program serves low-income Pottstown area families with young children through evidence-based home-visiting education and health insurance and food benefits enrollment assistance. MCHC’s home visiting services offer pregnant and parenting families socioemotional support, screens for Adverse Childhood Experiences, and refers to community social services. MCHC also helps individuals and families enroll for public aid programs to ensure that they can receive affordable health care and food access.

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