Priority 1C- Healthy Behaviors-Networks: Spring 2020

In the Healthy Behaviors-Networks program area, $370,948 was awarded to fund 13 projects.  These projects are intended to create and promote social networks involving healthy living.

  • Accion Comunal Latinoamericana de Montgomery County—ACLAMO’s Pottstown Community Health Connections Program
  • Boyertown Area Multi-Service, Inc.—Ricketts Center Programming
  • Expressive Therapy Concepts Inc.—Smashville Badminton: Kids and Adult Fitness Program
  • First Baptist Church—FBC 2020! A Strategic Future
  • Foundation for Boyertown Education—Foundation for Boyertown Organizational Sustainability and Growth
  • Frederick Mennonite Community—It’s Never Too Late System for Dementia Care
  • Greater Pottstown Tennis and Learning Association—Game, Set, Advantage
  • Green Valleys Association—Outdoor Education Programs at Pottstown Elementary Schools
  • Meals on Wheels of Chester County Inc.—Feeding Homebound Residents of Spring City
  • Mitzvah Circle Foundation—Critical Needs: Creating Healthy Families, Diaper Bank and Period Supplies
  • Project Purpose—Project Purpose: General Operating
  • Save Alliance Foundation (GreenAllies)—Youth Grow
  • United Way of Boyertown Area—Matching Grant with the United Way of Boyertown Area
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