St. John’s Lutheran Church and PAHWF Donate $10,000 to Boyertown YMCA

St. John's check

Kim Moeller (center), Fitness Coordinator at the Boyertown YMCA, accepting two $5,000 checks to fund an after-school exercise program at the five after-school locations of the YMCA.

Pottstown, PA – August 24, 2015 –The smile on the face of Kim Moeller, Fitness Coordinator at the Boyertown YMCA, was caused by two $5,000 checks recently given to her to fund an after-school exercise program at the five after-school locations of the YMCA. Recognizing the need to engage children in an exercise program at an early age to combat the childhood overweight problem, Nan Moyer, RN, Parish Nurse at St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Boyertown, thought a very effective way to reach many children was through the After School Program at the Y.

With a $5,000 commitment from the St. John’s Congregational Council, Moyer applied for a matching $5,000 grant to the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation (PAHWF). The uniqueness of the program and recognizing the need to have children engage in physical exercise brought an enthusiastic and quick commitment for the matching $5,000 grant from PAHWF.

Upon accepting the two checks, Moeller stated, “I am passionate about physical fitness for all ages and particularly for children to learn the benefits of exercise early”. Continuing, Moeller explained each of the five after-school locations will have a qualified fitness instructor one day a week to teach the children and staff exercises that can be repeated in the classroom daily and also by the children and their family at home. Performance results will be measured by comparing the child’s abilities before the exercise program and then after the nine months of the exercise program.

Moyer also explained to the Congregational Council the St. John’s Pre-School staff will observe the exercise sessions to take the exercise program back to the Pre-K School Program at St. John’s. Moyer stated, “As the Parish Nurse at St. John’s, I appreciate the generous support of St. John’s Congregational Council and the PAHWF for recognizing and supporting the need to combat the childhood overweight problem”. Moyer further stated, “ I anticipate the success of this program will enable St. John’s to develop and plan other programs for the Boyertown Community as part of the “HEALTHY ME “ programs I and the St. John’s Health Council are planning for St. John’s and the Boyertown Community.”

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