Fighting Racism, Advancing Equity

In our country and our community, we are hearing the footsteps of change—from the thousands marching down Pottstown’s High Street to take a stand for peace and equality, to the half-mile of protesters demonstrating along Boyertown’s Philadelphia Avenue. We walk alongside those footsteps and support the actions of all individuals fighting racism and demanding racial equity.

We acknowledge that these demands for justice are not only in response to the murder of George Floyd—black communities have been crying out for justice year after year, decade after decade. Their voices have too often gone unheard. We will work, as part of our community, towards seeing that they have gone unheard for the last time.

Where do we go from here to improve racial equity in Pottstown and our region?  The Foundation will invest in racial equity via causes that promote:

  • health equity
  • educational equity
  • economic equity

We will work to bring community voices together and join in conversations with local leaders to understand the pathways forward.  We will form new partnerships that empower efforts to enact change. It’s time for all of us to ensure the long-deferred promise of equality and justice is redeemed in our communities.

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