Opioids: Communities Finding Solutions

 Part 1: Real Pain Matters

Bridgette McGivern, MBA, Chief Executive Officer of Community Health & Dental Care, Inc. and Dr. Andrew Trentacoste, CEO & Clinical Director of Creative Health Services, Inc., provide an overview of the Opioid Crisis.

Part 2: Real Solutions Matter 

Dr. Valerie A. Arkoosh, MD, MPH, Chair, Montgomery County Board of Commissioners provides information on the county-wide offerings to help combat the Opioid Crisis.

Part 3: Real Response Matters

Rae Leap, RN, BSN, MAT RN, Care Manager at Community Health & Dental Care, Inc. and Danielle McLaughlin, MS, BA, Drug & Alcohol Case Management Supervisor at Creative Health Services, Inc., discuss treatment options.

Part 4: Real Recovery Matters

Marlelle Fromuth, LCSW, Director of Behavioral Health at Community Health and Dental Care, Inc., and Christine Ellis, MS, LPC, Director of Clinical Wellness Recovery Team at Creative Health Services, Inc. discuss recovery of opioid addiction.

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