Get Your Seeds Ready for Spring


While temperatures may have dropped back to the teens this week, spring is fast approaching, and it’s finally time to start vegetable and flower seeds for your garden.

Check out these tips from Penn State Extension to get your seeds sprouting efficiently. And while your seeds are getting going, think about what you can do to improve their soil. 

With the warmer weather on the way, now is a great time to start a home composting system. It’s a great way to use kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, and yard waste to fertilize your garden while keeping organic material out of the landfill.

Keep in mind that we’re not far from being able to sow directly outside—frost tolerant plants like peas, radishes, onions, and kale can be seeded straight into the garden in March.

Whatever you’re growing this year, if you’re in the Pottstown or Boyertown boroughs, think about entering the annual Home Garden Contest.  It’s free to join, awards cash prizes, and brings the gardening community together.

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