Priority 1C – Healthy Behaviors-Networks: Spring 2017

Creating and promoting social networks involving healthy living. 10 grants were awarded totaling $397,500.      

Accion Comunal Latinoamericana de Montgomery County- ACLAMO Community Health Connections

Cradle of Liberty Council, Boy Scouts of America- Scouting: Physical Fitness, Citizenship, Leadership, and Character Development for Pottstown Area Youth

Expressive Therapy Concepts Inc. – Smashville Kids and Adult Fitness Programming

Foundation for Boyertown Education- Collaboration and Summer Programs

Foundation for Pottstown Education- Operating Expenses

Greater Pottstown Tennis & Learning- Tennis & Learning

Green Valleys Association- Outdoor Education Programs at Pottstown Schools

Julian Dorsey Foundation- Expanding the SFS program to the Pottstown elementary schools

Olivet Boys & Girls Club- Body, Mind and Soul Approach to Youth Health and Wellness

Pottstown Athletic Club- Pottstown Athletic Club Paddle Pool

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