Priority 1C- Healthy Behaviors-Networks: Spring 2016

Priority #1C: Creating and promoting social networks involving healthy living (eleven grants were awarded totaling $278,285).

Boyertown Area Branch- Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA: Gymnastics Program Enhancement & Development
Expressive Therapy Concepts Inc.: Documenting Health Benefits by Physiological Measurement
Expressive Therapy Concepts Inc.: Smashville Badminton and Fitness Programming
Greater Pottstown Tennis & Learning: Year round tennis & character-building programs
Green Valleys Association: Outdoor and Environmental Education Programs at Pottstown Schools
Helping To Inspire Positive and Healthy Opportunities for Progress: Bully Bounce – HIP HOP Inc. Anti-Bullying Program
Julian Dorsey Foundation: Building a Broader Pottstown
Olivet Boys & Girls Club: Body, Mind and Soul Approach to Youth Health and Wellness
Pottstown Branch- Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA: Sports Court
Pottstown Parks & Recreation Foundation Inc.: Pottstown Rumble Technology & Field Renovation Support
Trinity Evangelical Congregational Church: God’s Community Garden

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