PAHWF Awards $1,451,405 to Community Organizations

The Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation awarded $1,451,405 to 33 nonprofits, schools, and municipalities during the spring 2021 grant round. Grants were divided among five program areas: Healthy Behaviors-Schools, Healthy Behaviors-Parks, Healthy Behaviors-Networks, Physical and Emotional Health, and Strengthening Nonprofits.

In the Healthy Behaviors-Schools program area, $287,655 was awarded to fund seven projects intended to improve educational opportunities for students in public and private learning institutions.

•             Foundation For Boyertown Education—Building Sustainability

•             Foundation for Pottstown Education—General Operating Support

•             Holy Cross Regional Catholic School—Buddy Benches for Holy Cross Regional Catholic School

•             Pottstown School District—PEAK Whole Child Wellness

•             Pottstown School District—PTICC Coordinator and Organizational Learning

•             Spring-Ford Area School District—Wellness Matters 2021-22

•             St. Aloysius Parish School—St. Aloysius Spring 2021

In the Healthy Behaviors-Parks program area, $45,400 was awarded to fund two projects with the aim of improving parks, programming, and the built environment to increase access to physical activity.

•             East Coventry Township Parks and Recreation—Towpath Park Phase I Engineering

•             North Coventry Township—Riverside Park Pickleball Courts

In the Healthy Behaviors-Networks program area, $634,850 was awarded to fund 16 projects.  These projects are intended to create and promote social networks involving healthy living.

•             Accion Comunal Latinoamericana de Montgomery County (ACLAMO)—Pottstown Community Health Connections Program

•             Boyertown Area Multi-Service—Ricketts Center

•             Camp Rainbow—Life Skills Development

•             Chester County Food Bank—Greater Pottstown Area Food Security Initiatives

•             Expressive Therapy Concepts—Smashville Badminton: Kids and Adult Fitness Program

•             Greater Pottstown Tennis And Learning Association—Game, Set, Advantage

•             Julian Dorsey Foundation—Infrastructure Growth of Marketing, Leadership, and Development

•             Meals On Wheels Of Chester County—Nutritious meals for northern section of Chester County

•             Michaels Community Services Corporation—Outdoor Classroom

•             Mitzvah Circle Foundation—Critical Needs for Healthy Families, Diaper Bank, and Period Supplies Programs

•             Pottstown Children’s Discovery Center—Pottstown Children’s Discovery Center Comes to Life

•             Project Purpose—General Operating

•             Save Alliance Foundation  d.b.a. GreenAllies—The Community Empowerment Project: Building Social Capital through Volunteerism

•             Steel River Playhouse—Healing on High Street

•             Strive Initiative—Sustainability in Action Program

•             The Pennsylvania State University—Promoting Physical Activity among Preschool Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Expanding the Capacity of Teachers and Caregivers to Engage Children in Active Play

In the Physical and Emotional Health program area, $46,000 was awarded for three projects offering learning opportunities for physical and emotional health.

•             Creative Health Services—COVID Relief & Recovery Fund

•             Maternal and Child Health Consortium of Chester County—Ensuring a Healthy Start and Access to Benefits for Underserved Families in Pottstown

•             Tower Health Medical Group—Pottstown Family Practice: COVID Relief & Recovery Fund

In the Strengthening Nonprofits program area, $437,500 was awarded for five projects offering learning opportunities and strategic planning to strengthen nonprofits.

•             TriCounty Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation—Leadership Program

•             TriCounty Community Network—Racial Equity Learning Community

•             TriCounty Community Network—Community Collaborative

•             TriCounty Community Network—Love Your Block

•             United Way of Boyertown Area—Matching Grant with the United Way of Boyertown Area

The Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation serves communities within a 10-mile radius of Pottstown, and works with nonprofits, local government, and schools to ensure that every member of our community has the opportunity to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

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