A Fresh New Garden is Growing at Holy Cross

Writen by Holy Cross Regional School Public Relations Committee Team Member Pam Sills

Collegeville, PA – November 3, 2015-Holy Cross is offering a new after-school program for our students. The Holy Cross Green Kids, get together once a month to plant and maintain a garden that fills the courtyard of the school. To kickoff the program, a clean-up day was scheduled to weed and prepare the gardening beds for the students to begin planting. Many families came out on “Clean-up Saturday” to spend the day weeding and to haul away the old plantings.

At their first meeting, the students along with parent volunteers, planted blueberry bushes, a blackberry bush, lemon grass (mosquito repellent), an oak leaf hydrangea, boxwoods, mums, decorative cabbage plants, astilbe, and a holly bush. Additionally, each student planted a garlic clove to watch grow and change. They will be harvested as full garlic bulbs in June. At upcoming meetings students will have the opportunity to learn how to maintain what they have planted, learn about healthy food choices, and experience a non-traditional form of exercise. This project will have an impact outside our school community as participants can adapt what they have learned to their homes and neighborhoods.

Holy Cross Regional Catholic School would like to thank our grant committee and the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation (PAHWF). With their efforts and generosity this program has begun at our school.

About the Foundation: The Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation’s mission is to enhance the health and wellness of area residents, providing education, funding and programs that motivate people to adopt healthy lifestyles. Visit www.pottstownfoundation.org for more information about the Foundation. Discover Pottstown area’s online community, Mission Healthy Living, to learn and share great information on how to lead a healthier life. You can also follow Mission Healthy Living on Facebook and Twitter and The Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation on LinkedIn and Pinterest.

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