Staying Fit during the Pandemic

With the stay-at-home order still firmly in place for all of Southeast Pennsylvania, the gyms, studios, and schools where most of us routinely exercised are no longer an option—and likely won’t be for several months.

The lockdown is, for many of us, leading to a more sedentary lifestyle. As we look toward a phased reopening over the coming months, developing new exercise routines is vital for our health and wellness.

Get Outdoors

The stay-at-home order allows for outdoor exercise as a life-sustaining activity. Many of us are lucky enough to live close to a park or trail to walk from our homes. Others may need to drive a few miles to find a safe place to exercise, but it’s important to stay within your locale in order to limit the geographic spread of the virus.

Avoid crowds by exercising at out of the way places like Monocacy Hill.

Across the Tri-County area, there is plenty of room outdoors for all of us.  If one park or trailhead is crowded, try another.  Check here for an extensive listing of parks in our area.

Low traffic roadways are likewise an option, especially for runners and cyclists.  Montgomery County has developed a map that shows which roadways are most comfortable for pedestrians and cyclists.

It’s important to stay a minimum of six feet from others while you’re exercising outdoors—further is better. Even following that rule, if you’re expecting to come into contact with others, you’ll need your face mask.

Try a Virtual Exercise Class

Many gyms are taking instruction online with everything from high intensity interval training to yoga offered in a virtual setting.

During the pandemic, the YMCA has made all of its online instruction free to the public at, and offers classes of all kinds for kids and adults alike.

Take on Some DIY

Jumping into a project at home can be rewarding both physically and mentally.  Use the time to catch up on chores around the yard like lawn care, mulching or trimming.  Or tackle the indoor projects you’ve been putting off like painting the basement or reorganizing your closet. Either way, you’ll get moving and get some tasks checked off your list.

There has never been a better time to start a garden.  And with warm weather in the forecast, the time is coming to plant your favorite annuals. If you’re in the Boyertown or Pottstown boroughs, enter the Home Garden Contest today to win cash for your gardening excellence.

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