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We believe that every member of our community should have equitable opportunities embrace a healthier lifestyle.  Join us to connect with knowledge and resources to take control of your health.

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Read up on a variety of health topics, learn more about affecting positive change, share tips and ideas and stay on top of the latest community events.

September Is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, and it’s important to understand the risks as we seek to care for ourselves and the people around us. Since suicidal thoughts are usually…
Back to School Safety
Version 2022 We’ve learned much over the pandemic about the value of health. Experts agree one of the most important lessons gained is the benefit of in-person schooling. As kids…
Staying Safe from Ticks
Lyme disease is transmitted to humans through a bite from an infected tick. Here are precautions to take when heading outdoors …
COVID-19 Vaccination for Young Children
Safe for Even Our Youngest You spend every day of their lives in a state of wonder—and worry. Naturally, the thought of giving them a new COVID-19 vaccine may cause…
The Benefits of Owning a Pet
Pets, whether a dog, cat, bird, fish, rabbit, or even a turtle, can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness, and even improve your cardiovascular health.…
Facts About PTSD
Coping with PTSD in Today’s World Whatever the trigger—and today, there are more than ever—PTSD impacts about 8 million individuals every year. Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation reminds us…

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Gain greater control over your health with the area’s most dependable free online community. Read up on a variety of health topics, get a new recipe, learn more about affecting positive change, share tips and ideas and stay on top of the latest community events.

Our role in the Pottstown community is multi-faceted.
Aside from grantmaking, we also serve the Pottstown area by:

  • Acting as a convener of non-profit, governmental, educational, and municipal entities to encourage conversations that will ultimately serve as a catalyst to create positive and health-related systemic change in Pottstown.
  • Focusing on programs and services that build long-term solutions to meet the current and future health needs in the Pottstown service area.
  • Coordinating and funding non-profit resources and sponsoring professional development programs for our grantees as well as to the nonprofits in the region.
  • Leading the Healthy Schools collaborative group.
  • Providing health and wellness information and resources on the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation and Mission Healthy Living websites.
  • Collaborating with representatives at the regional and state level, and local municipalities to improve the parks and trail systems in our area.
  • Committing to the use and maintenance of the resources of our long-term endowment effectively and efficiently.
Fun & Fitness

Our List of Parks and Destinations

Want to get outside? Here is a list of great locations where you can get out and move, right here in the Pottstown area.

Walking trail in Pottstown area park

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