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Looking for a place to take a walk? Need to get outside?
Here is a list of park and recreation locations in the Pottstown area.

154-198 Maack Rd, Pottstown, PA 19465, USA

Maack/Wineberry Property and Trail

The first 60 acres were acquired in 2005 and placed in an agricultural easement by the Township while maintaining a public nature trail around the perimeter. The newest section, called Wineberry Estates is 30 acres and was purchased with federal, county and local funds. A new trail is blazed for equestrian and pedestrian use. Andrew Less, a Life Scout of Troop 4, has constructed a trail that allows beautiful views of Pigeon Creek and continues across Maack Road to the existing trail. Parking is available in a designated lot on Maack Road. There is a bench placed at the top corner of the property by Schoolhouse Road, which offers beautiful views of the township. We are sure you will see a deer, a fox, or a red tail hawk. Sit and enjoy the wildlife, the changing of the seasons, and the land preserved for your enjoyment.