Crisis Resources

Individual Wellness

Individual Wellness includes your physical wellness and your financial wellness. 

Individual Wellness

Our Individual Wellness Resources Include Exercise, Recreation and Financial Wellness  


Exercise provides a much-needed outlet to release stress and anxiety while strengthening your immune system. Regular exercise can help symptoms of depression.  Research also shows physical activity improves cognitive skills, including concentration and memory.

Get your heart pumping, produce feel-good hormones, and boost your brain power and immune function! Check this out:


Pottstown School District

With only15 minutes of daily exercise, students can improve their test scores and overall thinking skills. The school district site provides ideas to help kids become more active, and includes an activity pyramid and healthful eating tips.


Wide Open School

This website offers exciting online workouts for kids of all ages and their families. Sessions include fun themes like Disney workouts, African dance, superhero workouts, Nike training, and minute movements for a quick sweat session.

Grades pre-k to 5:

Grades 6 to adult:


Active Recreation

Combine workouts with time outside for a double dose of health! Fitness can happen anywhere. You just need movement in the great outdoors!

Here are some other locations where you can enjoy fresh air and activity:


Pottstown Area Outdoors

If you are looking for locations here in the Pottstown area you can use our Outdoor Activity Finder on our Pottstown Area Outdoors Page.


Schuylkill River Greenways

Bike, hike, rollerblade, and enjoy nature’s beauty along the Schuylkill River Trail.  All sections of the trail remain open; however, park amenities like picnic areas may be closed.


Pottstown Parks & Recreation Department

Here, you can find the latest information on your local parks and playgrounds, including closures, restrictions, and event postponements.


Pottstown CARES

This tool-share program is open to community residents who wish to volunteer time to beautify our neighborhood surroundings. Donated yard tools can be borrowed on the honor system from the Share Shed. Gardening provides light exercise while brightening the world. Consider lifting your spirits and those around you!



Economic Stability

Economic disruption is felt on a large scale during a pandemic. Low-income families are at increased risk of complete financial destabilization. Programs have been developed, or modified, to support low-income households during these challenging times. They make it possible to meet your basic needs and work toward a stronger financial future. Help is available, without any need for shame. As a community, we can overcome this crisis:


Emergency Assistance Program

Apply here for emergency benefits designated to help low-income families experiencing financial difficulties. Applications are accepted until funds are depleted.

The COMPASS site also allows you to apply for other human services programs, including home energy assistance (LIHEAP) and nutrition assistance (SNAP). Visit the site’s home page to determine, and apply for, other programs appropriate for your needs.


HealthWell Foundation® 

The foundation offers financial assistance through a number of Disease Funds, with new funds opening every year to provide help paying healthcare expenses for those who are underinsured.


Unemployment Assistance

Here, you can obtain timely information on unemployment benefits.