Crisis Resources

Domestic Abuse

The following organizations are dedicated to helping you and your loved ones survive domestic abuse

Domestic Abuse

Home is not always a place of “shelter.” However, places of refuge and support are available, even during the coronavirus quarantine. If you or your loved ones are victims of domestic abuse or violence, you can still get help. Try these steadfast organizations:


Mission Kids

Mission Kids provides a welcoming, comfortable environment where kids can openly share their trauma to begin the process of child abuse investigations. Age-appropriate interviews are conducted; referrals for additional assistance are offered.


Children’s Crisis Support Program

Immediate and ongoing support is available for children, teens, and their families. Get help managing a current crisis or developing a crisis-treatment plan.


Children’s Crisis Support Hotline: 1-888-HELP-414


Laurel House

During the COVID-19 crisis, individuals and families can still receive shelter from domestic abuse. In following social-distancing requirements, Laurel House is placing these clients in a local hotel. They continue to provide advocacy and case management services, as well as meals and other needed supplies. Safety planning, resource referral, and support continue to be offered.

Confidential, 24-hour Hotline: 1-800-642-3150