Community Collaboratives

TriCounty Health Council

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TCHC is comprised of leadership and staff from major players in health in our region, including: Community Health and Dental Care (CHDC), Creative Health Services (CHS), Pottstown Hospital-Tower Health, TriCounty Community Network (TCN), and Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation (PAHWF).

TCHC members regularly collaborate on projects that help to provide area residents the information they need to make healthy choices for themselves and their families. Projects include the Campaign to Save Lives, the Connect with a Smile Campaign, and a town hall series focused on immunization.

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Guiding Principles

• Support the individual partners’ initiatives related to
behavioral health and primary care integration
• Build effective working relationships among the partner
• Improve communication among
frontline staff
• Strengthen patient education
• Address social determinants of health
• Enable more effective community outreach and
connections in the community
• Work collaboratively across partners to address
community health outcomes


TriCounty Health Council (TCHC) improves the health and healthcare of TriCounty Area residents through collaboration, enhanced provider communication, and innovative patient engagement.


The TriCounty Health Council (TCHC) is a proven healthcare leader for innovative and integrated programs to improve health outcomes.