Community Collaboratives

School Collaborative

All public and private schools in the Foundation's service area are invited to participate in a meeting of advocates for healthy school communities. This includes any and all faculty, staff, and administration who strive to make your school a healthy environment. Please share this resource accordingly!

The Foundation grants approximately $750,000 annually to promote wellness in schools. The School Collaborative meeting focuses on the great work that is being done in the scope of our grants, as well as on the internally run and third-party supported programs that our schools have found success with.

The standard School Collaborative meeting follows these agenda items:

  • Introduction & Host Spotlight – The hosting school begins the sharing with their own updates or presentation.
  • Around the Room – Schools in attendance share a synopsis of their wellness work.
  • Special Topic Discussion or Presentation – The Foundation curates presentations and resources to share with school wellness coordinators. Examples of Special Topic Discussions include:
    • Active Learning
    • Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Institute
    • Wellness for Employees
    • School Budgets and Program Funding
    • Physical Activity and Academic Achievement
    • Community Partnerships and Collaboration
    • Emotional Health and Resilience in schools
  • Foundation Updates – We like to share what’s going on internally, especially for grant managers in the room.

While the School Collaborative meeting is meant to be a resource for our schools to share their work and learn from peers, it is also an important touch point for the Foundation. We are invested in school health partnerships and value the information that our wellness coordinators, teachers, administrators and school boards share with us.

If you would like to be added to the School Collaborative, let us know.

Superintendent Meetings
The Foundation convenes a very similar meeting of area public school superintendents in January and August. These meetings mirror our School Collaborative meetings and aim to promote mutual support of wellness ideas, from the top down and bottom up. We invite all superintendents to attend, participate and take advantage of the same valuable information provided to their staff.

To learn more, please contact Howard Brown at