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Pottstown Metropolitan Regional Planning Commission

Preserve, Protect, Promote: Pottstown Metropolitan Regional Planning Commission Plans for the Future 

The Pottstown Metropolitan Regional Planning Commission (PMRPC) has made its mission one to direct attention to our region’s older communities, particularly in the Borough of Pottstown, in order to preserve and protect rural areas, as well as promote long-term economic growth—all in an effort to revitalize our communities.

Their nine goals for our community are:

  1. Protect the unique, historical, cultural, and natural resources of the region.
  2. Promote economic vitality and quality of life in our communities.
  3. Preserve open space and agriculture.
  4. Develop transportation choices for better mobility around the region.
  5. Provide for orderly and well-planned new development.
  6. Encourage walkable communities with a mix of uses and a ranging of housing options.
  7. Maintain and improve recreation options.
  8. Address the specific needs and unique conditions of each municipality.
  9. Promote new economic opportunities and jobs.

PMRPC’s Recreation Committee is an active group which has received capital grant funds for Parks from the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR). The group’s Regional Recreation Coordinator is Michael Lane.

To apply for our mini grant capital funding program, visit the PMRPC website.