Community Impact of our Grants

The Foundation has undertaken an evaluation project geared toward measuring the impact our grants have on this community, relative to our mission for wellness. We have taken the approach of learning and best practice benchmarking and have devised a comprehensive survey to gauge the needs and services provided throughout the community. 

We invite you to take advantage of these programs to help you make an even greater impact in your career and your contributions to our community.

The funding foci being assessed by the survey:

  • Physical activity. Programs focused on promoting, educating about, facilitating, organizing and/or encouraging physical activity among our program participants.
  • Nutrition and nutrition education. Programs focused on promoting, educating about, demonstrating, organizing and/or encouraging healthy food habits and/or enabling access to nutritious food.
  • Engaging families in physical activity/nutrition.
  • Developing or renovating infrastructurefor physical activity (such as parks, playgrounds, recreation facilities, equipment).
  • Developing or renovating infrastructure for access to healthy food (such as community gardens).

Why is the Foundation doing this impact study?
We want to learn! We want our organizations to learn! All of us will serve the community better by understanding if our work is efficient, following best practice and creating a collective impact.

Is my grant being scrutinized?
Absolutely not! This is not an additional audit of your work; it’s simply a shared measurement tool that we are using as a funder to compare all of our programs across various funding strategies.

How will this change my reporting process?
Grantees accept reporting requirements along with the awarded funding. There will be an additional survey added into the application process. The final report will have a shortened/altered narrative, and you will complete the “post” version of this survey.

This is new, how do I learn about this requirement?
Take part in a 45-minute training webinar, or on-site training with a program officer. Then fill out an online survey which is embedded in the grants portal.

What’s in it for us?
Aside from our gratitude for your time and energy, your organization will receive a report compiling the results of your evaluation (both pre- and post). How great is that?!