Healthy Holiday Kickoff

happy couple on a walk in the city

Healthy Habits for the Holiday Season The days left in 2021 are limited. Fill them with activities and thoughts that establish healthy habits. It will be the best gift of…

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Join the Montco Trail Challenge!

Montgomery County has a wealth of trails to discover—over 92 miles, in fact—and the Montco Trail Challenge is the perfect way to find your new favorite area for biking, hiking,…

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Gardening Blooms Better Health

community gardeners gardening

After winter pandemic months kept us indoors, spring fever is the only contagion we’re happily ready to catch. Getting outside benefits our health. Nurturing a garden, even simple pots on…

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Coping with Obesity

obese woman on scale

Along with the many health issues caused by the pandemic, our nation’s obesity problem has worsened. Stress, sleep issues, and coping mechanisms have increased our consumption of comfort foods. Sedentary…

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Is the COVID Vaccine Safe?

woman getting covid vaccine

When it comes to the COVID-19 Vaccine, the simplest decisions have become complex as a result of the pandemic. Actions once done without hesitation now require exhaustive consideration of involved…

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Resources to Jump-Start Your Garden

Healthy soil is fundamental to a thriving garden. Soil requires renewal with fresh organic matter to help your garden reach its full potential, so give your spring plantings an advantage…

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Top Hikes for the March Thaw

All our favorite trails have been covered by snow for the past few weeks, but as the snow melts, take advantage of the warmer temperatures and find new places to…

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Workout of the Day: Shoveling Snow

Shoveling snow can be a workout—literally.  A 155 pound person burns over 450 calories in an hour of shoveling. It’s a full-body cardiovascular exercise, so take your time, warm up, and…

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Keep Moving

I got home last night and had a few surprisingly uncharacteristic minutes of nothing to do. My wife was picking up the kids from school and my parents, with whom…

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