National Men’s Health Month

A father and daughter exploring a forest

June is National Men’s Health Month. Conveniently, it is also when we celebrate Family Health and Fitness Day (June 12) and Father’s Day (June 18). Consider these holidays a reminder to check in with yourself and the men in your life.

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National Nurses Month

Nurse making a heart sign with her hands

Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation shares ideas on how to kick off the warm-weather seasons, starting with meaningful Earth Day activities.

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Dental Care Keeps Kids Smiling

young girl high-fives her dentist

Studies prove a healthy mouth is linked to improved health overall. Good oral health plays a vital role in disease prevention. Proper dental hygiene should become a positive habit early…

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It’s National Blood Donor Month

man giving blood on Blood Donor Month

It’s a New Year—Get Your Blood Flowing! It’s a dreary time of year. The holidays are behind us, gifts are unwrapped, and we are coping with the bills. However, consider…

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Back to School Safety

children climbing onto. their school bus

Version 2022 We’ve learned much over the pandemic about the value of health. Experts agree one of the most important lessons gained is the benefit of in-person schooling. As kids…

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Staying Safe from Ticks

deer tick crawling on a sleeve

Lyme disease is transmitted to humans through a bite from an infected tick. Here are precautions to take when heading outdoors …

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