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Community Health Needs Assessments

The Foundation has conducted five Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs) since 2004. These reports describe our community’s health outcomes and demographics. They also compared our community's health to the findings of the previous needs assessment and to the nation as a whole.

The most recent needs assessment, completed in 2023, was the Pottstown Community Survey, which focused on six lower-income census blocks within the Borough of Pottstown. These census blocks are comprised of a nearly two-thirds proportion of Black and Latino residents with a median household income of $25,000.

Below are the full reports on the the TriCounty Area's people, their interests, and their needs.

2023 Pottstown Community Survey
2018 Health Needs Assessment
2013 Health Needs Assessment
2008 Health Needs Assessment
2004 Health Needs Assessment

Our original CHNA was completed in June 2004. At that time, the Foundation shared the results of the health assessment and its subsequent community plan as a service to the TriCounty region. Subsequent assessments shared the results of our second and third needs assessments. These reports described our community’s health outcomes and demographics. The assessments serve an important resource for advocacy, fundraising, and strategic planning for our region. For more information, contact us at

Pottstown Community Survey Resources

More information on our most recent CHNA, the Pottstown Community Survey, is available through the following resources: