School Wellness Initiative

For more than a decade, the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation (PAHWF) has supported the growth and development of our children by investing in a variety of wellness efforts in our local schools.  Every year, we have continued to learn from our partners and the growing research in the field of youth development.

For the 2020-2022 school years, we are pleased to announce a deeper and more targeted commitment to our youths’ wellness in school, which includes a multi-year grant period, a learning network and a focus on a holistic approach to school wellness that encompasses physical health (both physical and nutrition education and opportunities) and social-emotional health. We anticipate selecting only a few partners for this Initiative while continuing our regular grantmaking process for all others.

For more information and grant eligibility, please refer to our Request for Proposals (RFP).

Download our Letter of Intent (LOI) and submit it in the grantee portal. 

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