Is My Snoring Normal?

While most of us have the potential to occasionally snore, about 40% of adult men and 24 percent of adult women do it habitually. Is snoring a sign of something more sinister than simply being irritating to others? Can it be a symptom of something more troubling other than be an annoying obstacle that’s hindering you from reaping the benefits of a good night’s sleep?

Typically, snoring is entirely normal for the majority of sleepers, but in some cases, it can be associated with a sleep disorder called sleep apnea.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, if snoring is associated with these symptoms, you may want to see your doctor for further evaluation.

  • Breathing pauses, stops or nearly stops during sleep
  • Gasping or choking at night
  • Restless sleep
  • Chest pain at night
  • High blood pressure
  • Sore throat upon waking
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Morning headaches

To help you stop snoring and prevent sleep apnea, the Mayo Clinic recommends the following steps:

  • Losing weight through a healthy diet and active lifestyle
  • Avoid alcohol and sedatives close to bedtime
  • Wearing breathing nasal strips
  • Avoid sleeping on your back and sleep on your side instead
  • Quit smoking

Are you suffering from sleep apnea and don’t even realize it?  If you’re concerned about your sleep health, talk to your doctor. Or, learn more about whether snoring is harmless from the National Sleep Foundation. Sweet dreams.

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