Areas Of Funding

Event-Related Requests
for Support

The Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation is happy to acknowledge community efforts to promote wellness and healthy lifestyles in event-related capacities.

Event Support Less than $2,500
If you are considering submitting a request for event support that is less than $2,500, please contact Rose Walters at with event-related information and what is being requested. This may include a monetary event sponsorship or donation of a promotional item.

Event Support of $2,500 or Above
For event funding requests that exceed $2,500, please refer to the following goals and guidelines to assist you in submitting a letter of intent in one of our regular grant cycles.

Goals for Large Event Requests
  • To promote the Foundation’s service area as a “destination” for all-purpose parks and recreational activity, including:
    • In-park activity on a sustained basis
    • Periodic in-park activity over a sustained time
    • Sustainable park and recreational activity resulting from regular or periodic short-term activities/events. To support events that align with the Foundation’s mission and which incorporate local parks, trails, river, and/or other local natural resources.

Guidelines for Large Event Support Grant Requests ($2,500-$10,000)

  • A minimum of two years demonstrated success with the event.
  • Commitment to provide lasting community benefit, such as a pre- or post-event health-related activity associated with the event lasting at least several weeks in duration.
  • The special event to take place within the 10-mile service area with a special priority given to activities that take place in local parks, trails, river, and/or other local natural resource areas.
  • Grantees will be encouraged to engage in a Strategic Planning process in order to better plan the future roadmap of their event.
  • Grantee must submit all required documentation with application to demonstrate non-profit status, project budget, organizational fiscal responsibility, and board of director involvement.
    • Grantees are encouraged to apply for requests during the specified grant cycles each year.
    • The Grants Committee and Foundation staff will process all event requests as they do other grant requests.

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