Areas Of Funding

Capital Funding

The Foundation does consider capital projects. However, no individual project budget may exceed $100,000. A capital grant is a grant to provide funding for buildings, construction, or equipment, rather than program expense. These grants require matching dollars to be demonstrated prior to the release of award money.  Capital projects must align with the Foundation’s mission and seek to follow local, regional, and state guidelines for best practices in infrastructure, such as ADA compliance. Please be prepared to share quotes and documented costs associated with a capital project.

If your organization is considering a request that combines capital and programming expenses, we encourage you to make these requests separately. Please follow the application guidelines for the program area that most closely aligns with the goals of your project.

Organizations seeking support for a capital campaign, an organized drive to raise substantial funds to finance major needs of an organization, including construction, renovations, or endowments, should contact the Foundation prior to applying for a grant. In the midst of our competitive grant cycle, a capital campaign request must align with the Foundation’s interests and will be assessed as a capacity building grant.

Please follow the guidelines for Submit Your Application to submit a proposal.

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