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Find out if your organization is eligible to apply for a grant, and learn what types of programs meet our eligibility requirements and grant priority areas.

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To make it easier for you, all letters of intent, applications and reports are now processed via online submission.

The Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation service area is defined by a 10-mile radius around Pottstown. However, your funded organization does not need to be located in our area—it only needs to serve people in our service area.

We serve non-profit organizations with a tax-exempt status in good standing with the IRS, which strive to promote priorities that are in line with our mission. Key criteria for organizations applying for a grant include a governing board, demonstrated community impact, and project work plan. 

For more information about the needs and information about our area, please reference our Community Health Needs Assessment:


The Foundation awards grants according to the following priority areas:

  1.     Funding Programs and solutions for long-term improvement in healthy behaviors.
  2.     Promoting healthy living through nutrition, activities and programs in public and private schools to reduce obesity and encourage healthy living.
  3.     Improving parks, programming and the built environment to increase access and physical activity.
  4.     Creating and promoting social networks involving healthy living.
  5.     Funding programs for physical health and emotional well-being.
  6.     Funding learning opportunities and strategic planning to strengthen non-profits.

In addition to the above primary areas of funding, the Foundation provides grants in the following secondary areas:

The following categories of funding are not core to the Foundation's mission at this time:

  • Alumni Activities 
  • Arts & Culture
  • Debt Reduction or Loans
  • Disease-Related Charities
  • Individual Medical Bills
  • Political Campaigning and/or Legislation Promotion
  • Public Safety & Criminal Justice
  • Scholarships
  • Large Single-Day Events


We want to encourage your ideas, projects and passion. We love creative solutions for long-term health improvements and especially commend innovation and collaboration. If you are already a grantee organization, consider trying something new. Add to existing ideas or change some aspects of projects.

The possibilities for great ideas are endless, but we appreciate ideas that are well planned and with a timeline that aligns with our grant cycle. We are also very interested in evidence-based best practices and measurable outcomes that demonstrate that your project or program is working, or will work. We are encouraged by ideas with partnerships. 

We have two grant cycles each year: spring and fall. It is a two-stage process with a letter of intent stage and a full application stage. Letters of intent are due on the 1st of February and August. The precise dates of each grant cycle are published and updated on this website under Grantmaking Cycles. If your letter of intent is moved forward, you will have about three weeks to submit a full application. All proposals are reviewed by the Foundation staff and Grants Committee, and then approved by the Board of Directors. We do not publish a call for proposals.

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After confirming that your organization is eligible, you can start the process of becoming a grant applicant.